Diamond Sylk's
Raison Close Inc.

Latest and ongoing

YOUR PROJECT HERE | Gestion de projet (2016-2099)

Giuvn Nervus™ | Gestion de projet (2016-2018)

Diagonales indigènes | Gestion de projet (2016-2018)

Identités complexes | Gestion de projet (2015-2017)

Universal Dancers | Organisation événementielle, relations publiques (2009-2016)

Mistral-Est | Création de charte graphique (2015)

Kim Lux - Plasticien | Developpement, webdesign (2014)

Eucor - The European campus | Developpement, webdesign, community management (2006-2014)

The early years

Singe vert, Inc. | Production (depuis 2010)

Diamond Sylk's
Influencing unpopular influencers


After graduating a master's degree in language science, I have worked for the past ten years in the sectors of communications with a focus on culture, education and research on an international scale. Also active in art, I've co-founded and helped grow the Universal Dancers festival within the Mistral-Est association. Based in Strasbourg (France), I'm currently working for the Université de Strasbourg. Born gentleman™, kind connoisseur™ and into propaganda® since 1999, debonair™ till 2099.

Skills I use on a daily basis

  • Consultancy & project management — Sharing my strategical and creative thinkings to help your users get what they came for. If your project needs that extra touch, here's my world full of ideas.
  • Design & development — Online brand implementation, webinterface development and visual design with a focus on user experience. To be more proficient, I usually use Drupal © as core technology.
  • Editorial — Copy, imagery, integrated storytelling using image and text with a focus on finding consistent voice, appropriate tone, and overall fit. I also speak french, english, german and italian.